Repair + Reverse Daily Serum is a topical solution. For optimal results, you will need to apply it twice daily to your face and neck (though it can also be used to rejuvenate the appearance of skin on other parts of the body, if desired).

You can expect Repair + Reverse to feel silky, soothing, and hydrating on contact. In fact, its application is often described by users as an enjoyable and refreshing daily ritual.

You may experience a very mild “tingling” after applying Repair + Reverse — this is normal and disappears after about 1 minute. This invigorating sensation simply indicates revitalizing new energy in your skin, as the formula’s active ingredients penetrate its surface.

This solution is specially designed to work for all skin-types, so it can safely be used on sensitive and/or delicate skin, without risk of irritation.

Additionally, Repair + Reverse is also formulated to work for skin of all ages — that means no one’s skin is too mature or too “far gone” to benefit from this solution.

Meanwhile, younger users (even those who aren’t yet experiencing any signs of visible aging) are advised to use Repair + Reverse to help prevent the appearance of glycation damage before it surfaces on their skin.

Please keep in mind that consistency is key. Since Repair + Reverse Daily Serum is designed to protect your skin against new damage (on top of correcting existing signs of aging), it must be used regularly to achieve — and maintain — the formula’s optimal effect.