“The first thing I noticed when I started using Repair + Reverse is the fine lines around my eyes faded away. The next thing I noticed was the marionette creases around my mouth decreased, and that saggy skin underneath my throat firmed up. Also, I now have a brightness to my complexion. I feel lucky to have found Repair + Reverse; it’s changed my life.”

- Anne, Age 45

“It is hard to describe the best result of Repair + Reverse Daily Serum...It makes my skin look more youthful — firmer, smoother, healthier, and radiant! People have noticed the change. The lines on my face have softened, my skin appears firmer, and there is a 'glow' that was not there previously. Several friends have said 'You look wonderful. Are you getting more sleep?’ I have received comments that I look much younger than my age. I love the results of this serum.”

- Donna, Age 60

“To be honest, I've never used anything like this. My skin thirstily soaks it up, and it feels firmer and tauter than it ever has. I have been astonished at how quickly it sinks into the skin, and how you can feel as the skin tightens!”

- Cynthia, Age 62

“[Repair + Reverse Daily Serum] started to work immediately. It does everything possible and it has resolved all my problems. I look younger. My skin feels smoother, firmer, tighter, brighter, has less wrinkles...This is an all-in-one”

- Annamarie, age 47

“It’s making a visible difference...My face is looking definitely better and younger.”

- Barbara, Age 58

“I look like I did 20 years ago!”

- Katherine, Age 60

“I'm beginning to look younger than my husband...who is 7 years younger than me! I have had several friends ask me about my improved youthful face and neck. One friend asked me what's my secret. She wanted to know how I got ‘younger looking.’ (I told her). ”

- Lynn, Age 62

“This product is fantastic. I notice the wrinkles around my lips, my chin and my eyes have all reversed.”

Karen, Age: Unspecified

“My skin is noticeably fuller, plumper and healthier. Really great results. I am more confident — especially when my friends notice that my skin looks great.”

- Michelle, Age 52

“It has smoothed out the crow’s feet, sun-spots, and uneven skin tone. I [now] use less or no makeup. I ran out of foundation and have no plans to buy more.”

- Anne, Age 44

“My skin feels tighter and smoother. I notice fewer lines. My skin, especially around the jawline, feels firmer. I feel better about my appearance!”

- Kathleen, Age 47

“Repair + Reverse Serum is like a magic lotion...Even without makeup on my skin looks smoother and healthier just after a few days of use. It appears to do exactly what the name says — it repairs the daily damage and reverses the previous damage.”

- Dyane, Age 53

“I had a bit of loose skin around one eye...This product has actually managed to tighten and firm that eye. I feel like I no longer need surgery to correct [it]. I have never found anything that works like this before!”

- Cindy, Age 52

“It works, pure and simple! My skin looks renewed, healthy, glowing and vibrant! This is a beautiful serum that performs as stated!”

- Sharon, Age 70