Repair + Reverse Daily Serum now makes it possible to combat the signs of glycation (sugar damage) on your skin’s surface, and quickly restore the youthful look it once had.

This skincare breakthrough relies on cutting-edge new technology to reduce years of visible glycation damage, to correct the full-spectrum of visible aging symptoms — including wrinkles, sagging skin, dullness/sallowness, and more.

The secret to its age-fighting power is a high concentration of advanced active compounds, which help repair the visible signs of AGE damage, keep new signs from forming, and provide users with spectacular results in minimal time.

This formula features multiple, scientifically proven ingredients — recent breakthroughs in the industry — which help your skin defy age through a combination of advanced glycation-reversing chemistry, and the visible youth- preserving power of exclusive natural extracts.

One of the main ingredients in Repair + Reverse is a breakthrough compound shown to reverse the appearance of 20 years of glycation damage in just 4 months, as well as approximately 17 years worth of sallowness (yellowing of the skin).

Another helps to actually increase the ‘lifespan’ of older skin cells, for revolutionary age-reversing effects.

Additionally, our proprietary blend is designed to replenish antioxidants, counteract the effects of UV exposure, lower the production of inflammatory enzymes, and strengthen your skin’s structural foundation. This precise formulation allows Repair + Reverse to improve elasticity and firmness; minimize the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and even “shriveling” skin; restore youthful radiance to an aging (or “dull”) complexion, and help you achieve a remarkably younger look overall.


1 Collrepair DG:

Shown to protect and revive aging collagen, improve your skin’s overall firmness and elasticity, correct approximately 17 years worth of visible skin-sallowness (yellowing), and reduce 20 years of AGE damage in just 4 months. Its breakthrough molecular base-structure is also fortified with Salvia Miltiorrhiza. In clinical studies, Salvia (a natural extract prized in Chinese medicine) showed statistically significant de-glycation activity, breaking up 30% of AGEs within human collagen samples.

2 Snow Algae Powder:

Shown to re-energize and increase the longevity of aging skin cells, and boost natural production of the “anti-aging” enzyme AMPK in your skin.


Shown to replenish age-fighting antioxidants, help repair damaged skin cells, and protect against biological aging.

4 Phytosan K:

Shown to minimize the appearance of redness, counteract the effects of UV exposure, strengthen your skin’s structural foundation, and reduce the look of lines, wrinkles and uneven skin.

5 Elix-IR:

Shown to lower your skin’s production of damaging inflammatory enzymes, improve elasticity and firmness, and help minimize the appearance of fine lines and “shriveling” skin.